James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba, to Jonathan Wright, No. 7 Christ Church Place, Dublin, Ireland



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James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba, to Jonathan Wright, No. 7 Christ Church Place, Dublin, Ireland


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba, to Jonathan Wright, No. 7 Christ Church Place, Dublin, Ireland


Santiago de Cuba August 25, 1838
Jonathan Wright
My Dear Cousin,
Your acceptable letter of 30th of 3 mo was received some time since and is now before me for reply and as I am generally punctual in my correspondence you will please to have the kindness to say to Aunt Martha from me, that I have none of her pleasing letters unreplied to, and that she will not find any remissness on my part in keeping her regularly answered.
You do not particularly say whether you really found any Box of specimens to meet your expectations and interesting to you.
I am glad to learn that your health has so much improved as good health and a contented mind are the two great points in life. We were heavily incommoded by the Commercial crisis of the past year, but have rubbed through it, and the Commercial horizon now looks bright again, and we hope that the present year's business will make up the losses of the last, at all events such is its present appearance.
It is very far from impossible that I may yet visit Dublin, than which nothing would give me more pleasure, I am sorry to observe that Ireland continues agitated, and I fear that it will eventually end in a severe struggle which I pray God to avert, as such events generally benefit none except ambitious adventurers.
It would have been consoling to my mind could I have been in Dublin to have followed the remains of Aunt Rachel, to our final home. I feel a conviction that she has her place amongst the blessed
and I should feel but too happy, could I but make myself believe that I had a like chance from a well spent life of a happy eternity.
I have had no letters for some months from Ohio when I next write I shall make mention of the £8 remittance to which you refer my last advice from thence say that they were all well. If I recall right the Elizabeth Doyle you mention as having deceased was wife of John Doyle who lived with Aunt Margaret Watson in New Row and Samuel Pasley I recollect by name and reputation. I am gratified in being remembered to relations and beg you to give my regards to Abigail Hewson and say to her that I understand Uncle William is getting along well, and give my loving remembrance to your Father Aunt Martha your brothers, and our Cousins Knott and all my other relatives in general.
The political state as well as service of this Island promises tranquility, but all human institutions being liable to mutation I can only say promises, certainly we are doing much better than the neighbouring Islands St. Domingo, and Jamaica you will have learned, that the latter gave unlimited freedom to the Slaves the 1st of the
present month and we have advices thence as late as the 27 up to which period the blacks had refused to do any work, without which we well know man cannot exist, it is needness to speculate upon final results, but certainly that great moral experiment at present gives but little prospect of success and I fear much that riots and disturbances will occur there the ensueing November.
I enjoy good health and live temperately, indeed I am firm in the persuasion that regular living is the greatest preserver of health, say abstemiousness in both eating and drinking, for I believe as many or more diseases are induced by free eating than over drinking.
I am this moment looking out at our Signal staff or telegraph which is in view from my window, and I observe that 2 Brigs are coming in from England and one from Philadelphia and it is probable that the latter may bring us later European news than the former, as I should not be surprised if she brought news of the arrival of the Great Western Steam Ship which was to sail from Bristol for New York on July 2nd, what a change may be produced in Navigation by the success of that experiment.
I remain truly thy affect
Santiago J. Wright



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