James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, to Jonathan Wright, Christ Church Place, Dublin, Ireland



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James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, to Jonathan Wright, Christ Church Place, Dublin, Ireland


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, to Jonathan Wright, Christ Church Place, Dublin, Ireland


Sophie Estate September 5, 1836
Jonathan Wright
Dear Cousin,
I have some time since received your gratifying letter of the 31st of March, and note very particularly all the details of family history, with which your attention has kindly supplied me, you thought correctly when you said that, I would doubtlessly be interested in learning something of the changes, which have taken place, during the numerous years of my absence, in my native home. Changes certainly have taken place, changes too, of a moral and political as well as of a social character. A fondness for change appears to be one of the strongest characteristics of the human soul, and deeper than the vanities of power, or the glittering pomp of glory, there is void Changefulness, in hidden characters, throughout our world of being. Death with his cold hand congeals our blood, and makes a difference in the social circle. Temptation hath a music for all ears, and crime will prevail, and mad ambition trumpeting the deeds of famous men excited to change in the
political world.
You live in a Country where reform is advancing with giant strides, my desire is that her footsteps may not have been misdirected. Innovations are dangerous, and I am exceedingly happy in finding my lot cast in a Country, where almost religions respect is paid to ancient usages, all men cannot be equal - here there must be precedent of power etc., and though at the sounding of the last great trumpet, the elevated brows of Kings will lose the impress of regalia, and the Slave will wear his immortality as free beside the Chrystal Waters, yet in the temper of the invisible godlike, and undying intellect there are distinctions which I believe will live in heaven, the scale of human beings as a graduated thing; there must be and are gradations on earth, and our blessed faith teaches us there will also be the same in heaven, this is a mystery of being, it is only the restlessness of human pride, which leads man to pursue the path of the wild winds for greater misteries, a proper sense of what is here observed is in my opinion the greatest source of that contentment which is the best pedestal of human happiness, but this is too gentle an element
for man's aspiring spirit, he cannot in general drink of its pure living waters with a calm heart, but he must need send the adamantine rocks for still more secret springs, hence he can never arrive at the blessed condition of the inhabitants of Sir John Morris, Utopia.
In a month or so I shall despatch a small box of specimens for which the Country round to a distance of 30 leagues has been searched, I am not much of a naturalist but these few specimens will serve to evince to you the interest I take to meet your wishes, and you are undoubtedly aware that few regions of Country afford any very great variety of mineralogical research, to procure Cabinet, Empires must be examined, and this must be my apology for sending you a set of specimens bearing so great a family resemblance I observe that you in common with our countrymen in general attach a somewhat undue strength to the African Character when you speak of Negroes being able in their rounds to pick up the specimens it requires for such purposes absolutely that white men be employed, I thank you kindly for your Offers of service in way of sending me any articles or giving me any information I may want
and shall not hesitate to call upon you, for I measure your willingness to oblige, by my anxiety to serve you, and to the task.
I trace our genealogical tree no higher than to my grand father, and I shall be much pleased to receive a statement from you both on the Paternal as well as Maternal branch of my Ancestors as far as you can extend it with all corresponding information on the matter.
Believe me ever and always
yr afft. Cousin
Santiago J. Wright



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