James J. Wright, Belmont, Belmont County, Ohio to Martha Wright, 28 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, Ireland



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James J. Wright, Belmont, Belmont County, Ohio to Martha Wright, 28 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, Ireland


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James J. Wright, Belmont, Belmont County, Ohio to Martha Wright, 28 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, Ireland


Belmont, Belmont County Ohio, March 1, 1845
My dear Aunt
Martha Wright
Thy very welcome favors of 10 mo 20th to uncle William, and myself, upon the same sheet, got to hand in due course, and were as you well observe, common stock to the members of the family, and such great interest and pleasure is at all times and seasons felt by the perusal of your letters that, although it may be of somewhat of a task for you to write them, I desire strongly to impress upon your mind, the virtue of continuing your correspondence without flagging where it conveys such lively interest and warm pleasure to so many absent relatives. Father's removal has created a blank
in the family circle, very difficult to be filled, for he was as you justly remark the rallying point for all its members, and this feeling has confirmed me in the intention of returning here next spring, to take up my residence here for my remaining years, for although I cannot fill Father's place, I know that it would be pleasing to all relatives, and I doubt not but what I might frequently be of service to some one or other of them. Nehemiah still entertains the hope of visiting Ireland, which he repeated to me this morning, when desiring his love to be remembered to thee, and assuredly if it ever comes to pass I will not suffer him to go alone, the two remaining brothers, if God permit, will touch their natal soil once more in company. Uncle William I am pleased to be able to say although somewhat failing in strength and activity, still gets along very well, and his conduct is irreproachable, so that he is much respected by all
and considered as one of the best farmers in the neighborhood, I had the pleasure of giving him a small lift in the way of means, to enable him to complete the manuring of all his farm, and he now feels himself, he says, in want of nothing to assure him a comfortable living for the rest of his life. I have been keeping house now for some months with two nieces, both very amiable fine girls, Elmira M. Gregg, daughter of sister Abigail, and Hannah Jane, daughter of brother Benjimen [sic] with whom

my time has passed very happily, I don't know whether you are aware that her father James Gregg lives in Warsaw Illinois, which of course is her home, for she is here only on a visit. I have promised to escort her back, whether she will be accompanied by Hannah Jane, intending to sojourn with her a few months there and we expect to leave this on our route by steamboat in about a month or five weeks from this, it is a long trip for girls visiting, say about 1300 miles by water, and will take me 700 miles out of my way, going to New Orleans, by which route I shall proceed to Cuba, as it lies that distance on the Mississippi above the mouth of the Ohio, augmenting my travelling to get to Santiago about 1400 miles.
Brother Benjimen [sic] is getting along remarkably well, he is a great politician, and highly considered by all who know him, as one well versed in such matters, I believe he intends to be a candidate for the Senate of this State next year, with the hope before long of being elected to Congress, and his party which is the Democratic triumph, he will succeed in his object. Nehemiah and Abigail are about as usual, but I regret to say that the latter suffers very much, nearly one third of the time from severe headach[e], which appears to increase upon her as she advances in life, still though a very great affliction she bears up against it heroically. Joseph Dew, and wife Maria Louiza have had a daughter born to them since I last addressed you, and both mother and daughter are well. John D and Hannah are about to remove to a small settlement about 80 miles westward of this called Chesterfield, where John upon a small capital which I furnish to him will commence storekeeping, and I have but little doubt but what he will succeed for he is clever industrious and frugal. We expect James D, in about two weeks from Cincinnati with
a diploma as M.D. It is intended that he proceed next summer to New York, to study there, and walk the Hospitals as the saying is, and to attend a course of lectures, so as to obtain another diploma from that college, in order that he may commence his professional career with some eclat. Jenkinson will, I take for granted be brought up for the bar and I think he will do well at it.

Martha and Viley, two very fine young women indeed, remain unmarried, and I am inclined to believe that the former may always remain so, for although she be sensible and lively, she never puts her foot outside of home on any occasion whatsoever, with the latter it is altogether different she loves visiting and being visited and would doubtless not refuse a good offer, but unfortunately for the sex here, there are in this quarter, at least two marriageable young women, each one of the other gender in a like position. Emmet is young and delicate, and has to be taken much care of and what his future destination may be, cannot for some time yet be decided on. Brother Joseph C. and wife, move along
as usual, but their only son Merwin a fine youth of under 17, took it into his head to set out travelling, with a view of establishing himself in some small town as a writing master and he accordingly started about a week ago, but I think as soon as he gets through something like forty dollars that he took with him, that he will return home to his parents again. He is quite a steady boy and I have not much fear for him, and he will soon find a living not so easily gained as he looked for and [whole in page]ards remain more contented at home.
My health has been much improved by my trip, and passing a winter in this country, and my firm in Cuba have been doing quite as well as had I been there myself, so that I have nothing to discontent me, and I have enjoyed myself in Ohio, even more than I expected and I now hope that to cheer me on my return to Santiago, that I shall have letters both from you and Jonathan awaiting me there. Begging you to give my best love to all friends and relatives.
I remain your
affectionate nephew
James. J. Wright

P.S. I believe I didn't advise you in my last, that I have been appointed United States Consul at Santiago de Cuba by the President and Senate, which office I enter upon, immediately on my return to Cuba. J.J.W.



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