James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba to Martha Wright, August 30



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James Jenkinson


James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba to Martha Wright, August 30


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba to Martha Wright, August 30


St. Jago de Cuba August 30, 1840
Mrs. Martha Wright
My Dear Aunt,
I was duly in receipt of your much esteemed letter of 3rd of June and had much pleasure in its perusal and pleased I was that the token forwarded was received by you in the same spirit I intended it. I observe your continuous walking attending yearly meeting and should not at all wonder if the effects were as you imagine a prevention of Rheumatism. It is now sometime since I have had a line from Ohio but from last acct. [account] Father was getting over the attack of illness, and I take it for granted that he has fully recovered as otherwise they would most assuredly have again written me, is it not strange that I who have most to do should write more than any of them, and particularly as Uncle William was well he ought not to permit anxiety to prevail for lack of a few lines.
Remember me to all friends and relations and say to Jonathan that mine was the last letter.
It is satisfactory indeed to read your description of the good effects of Teetotalism. I sincerely hope that it may continue to increase for I truly believe that Spirits & Wine have been the cause of more evil to Europe than all the wars that it has undergone.
Please to direct to me to this Port as the Mails are now delivered here as follows.
James J. Wright Esq.
St. Jago de Cuba
I shall forward the First Case of Butterflies by first opportunity to sail in a few days to the care of Captain John Ruxton of Swansea to be held by him subject to your order, and I hope you will be able without any inconvenience to have it forwarded to you from thence you will be pleased to address him on the subject and he will attend to your communications thereupon.
I am almost constantly employed at business and have little time but Sunday and Holydays (of which latter we have many in this Country) to devote to my private and social correspondence.
How much happiness I shall enjoy to be able to execute my plan of visiting the land of my Nativity next year. I have forgotten much of years past but I still yearn towards even the inanimate things of my natal soil.
My health maintains itself pretty well but I am particular in diet, seldom eat any meat,
and drink no wine or spirits to which end I generally eat alone, very seldom indeed dining out.
I have no reason to complain of want of success in business, since I last resumed now
about 2 years since, the house has done a large and profitable one.
I remain Dear Aunt
Yr Affecte Nephew
James J. Wright



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