James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba, to Martha Wright, No. 33 Seville Place, Dublin, Ireland



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James Jenkinson


James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba, to Martha Wright, No. 33 Seville Place, Dublin, Ireland


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright, Santiago de Cuba, to Martha Wright, No. 33 Seville Place, Dublin, Ireland


Santiago de Cuba, May 12, 1839
Martha Wright
My Dear Aunt,
Your interesting letter of 24th 11 Month and 7th of 12 Month have both been some time to hand, but a continual pressure of business has herefore prevented my replying as soon as I should otherwise have done.
I feel sorry that it was not in my power to realize my expectations of the past year so as to have paid a visit of some length at least, if not to have finally fixed myself for the rest of my days in my native land. I sincerely thank you for your kindness in forwarding Joseph’s profile it is cast to the life, and is of course naturally duly appreciated by me, he was the flower of the flock, and his death was the breaking up of many of this life’s enjoyments to me, and retarded my advancement both socially and commercially for many years.
I am glad that Nehemiah at last wrote in time, and beg you to present my thanks to the friend N. Williams for his efficient attention in the settlement of that affair.
You many recollect that Father never in his life, liked letter writing therefore it is not surprising at his age that he should not write often to any one and indeed I don’t now recollect myself when I last had a letter from him, but I know it is a long time since I had that pleasure, but it rather surprises me that Nehemiah or some of the other members of the family do not use their pens often in the performance of that duty which ought to be a pleasure to them. I am well satisfied that I am generally more occupied than any of them, and yet you
perceive that although not at all times very punctual at all events I snatch time to scrawl a letter occasionally.
You state your winter commenced severely I have however noted that it has eventually turned out as mild a one, as has been experienced by you for many years, it is no wonder that your sight fails, but bear in mind that you are now of an age that a change for the better is not at all uncommon, and I should not wonder to learn from you before long, that you are using younger glasses. I am compelled to employ those of 10 inch focals, but I cheer myself with the hope which I now hold out to you that as I get older my eyes may be stronger than they are now.
In Jamaica some still hope that the great moral experiment may turn out well, but the great majority think not and I am sorry to say my own belief is in accordance with that of the majority, you observe that we ought to do what is right without looking to results, agreed, but I think it is frequently the results that put the seal of right or wrong upon me as sures.
I have received Lord Palmerston’s appointment as Proconsul of this City, and between my business & Consulate occupation I have not much time for relaxation.
I generally rise at from 4 & half past, and am at the Counting House at sunrise where I remain usually till about 6 O'Clock afternoon occupying perhaps 15 minutes in both breakfast & dinner which I generally take alone in my Office. I am thus constant as my 13 years retirement makes it necessary to look about me as the Manager and Director of the Concern at my recommencement as an active merchant.
Believe me Dear Aunt most truly & affectionately
Yr loving nephew
James J. Wright
Remember me affectionately to all in Skinner Row & all other relatives
[answered 23rd of 10 Mo, 1839]



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