James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, Cuba to Martha Wright, No. 33 Seville Place, Dublin



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James Jenkinson


James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, Cuba to Martha Wright, No. 33 Seville Place, Dublin


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, Cuba to Martha Wright, No. 33 Seville Place, Dublin


Sophie Estate, August 25, 1837
My Dear Aunt,
I have had the pleasure of receiving in due course your interesting letter of November 10th of past year, which I have perused frequently, and really, I ought to have replied to it before this but for the last twelve months my mind has been so much involved in disagreeable incidents, Political, Commercial, and Agricultural, that I have not felt myself sufficiently at ease to enter on social correspondence.
I have however the pleasure of saying that our Political horizon has cleared, the
Planting promises to come about again before long, and that although we are not yet through our share of the late Commercial crisis that nevertheless we see our way clear so to do.
You need not I repeat fear cost of postage for any packages you may think meet to forward to me.
I was truly grieved to learn that afflicting news as regards Aunt Rachel I hope however that long ere this she has entirely recovered.
Please to remember
me most kindly and affectionately to her, as soon as you advise me, of her having employed the last [draft?] I shall immediately transmit another of like amount but it is worse than useless to have the accumulations of several, subject to contingencies, indeed I am [not?] yet certain whether the house upon which the draft laying over was drawn, has suspended or not. I shall make enquiries, and if such be the case, I shall transmit without delay a draft of similar amount upon a good house.
I beg you to accept my acknowledgement for your attention relative to the abstract of record of Births Burials & Marriages which you have furnished me with for I was very glad to obtain it from you, I have this morning written to Brother Nehemiah his last letter to me advised nothing of moment, but the death of my Brother William youngest son of Father’s second wife, who had been in a very poor state of health for years, he leaves a widow and a child but they are not in want. Tell cousin Jonathan that I have in readiness a small collection of specimens of [Spar?] Minerals etc. for him, but I have not felt sufficiently at ease and leisure to attend to putting them up, but that I shall do so before long & forward them as instructed.
I trust and hope that you have passed a pleasant summer at the Cottage, the damp of newness and winter having been completely dissipated, and feel how agreeable it must be to you to have found good and kind neighbours.
It would afford me more pleasure, than language can express to feel myself at liberty to pay even a passing visit to my native land, but necessity has no law, and imperious circumstances bind me to this, the land of my adoption, but latterly I have had business to call me much from home (this Estate) indeed I have to leave this for the town of Cuba (distant 30 miles) where I expect to be detained by business at least a month and I have been absent from this about one third of my time the last twelve months much against my inclination.
I remain in hope of hearing from you and beg you to remember me warmly to all.
and am Ever & Always
yr. Afft. Nephew
James J. Wright
[answered 10th of 12 mo 1837 in different hand on addressee/envelope side]



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Sophie Estate, Santiago de Cuba
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