James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, to Martha Wright, No. 7 Skinner Row, Dublin



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James Jenkinson


James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, to Martha Wright, No. 7 Skinner Row, Dublin


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, to Martha Wright, No. 7 Skinner Row, Dublin


Sophie Estate April 26, 1836
My Dear Aunt Martha Wright,
I received your kind letter of February 20th, last night, and in order to satisfy you that I have not the least idea of letting our correspondence terminate I lose not a moment in replying.
I wrote last in reply to the letter to which your’s alludes, sometime in December last as near as I can recollect, I cannot fix the exact date, as I do not keep any copies of family or friendly letters, but when I did so write, I included the annual remittance for Aunt Rachel of £50 Sterling which I hope has before this got safe to hand, but at all events to guard against the contrary, I now place under cover the third of said bill of exchange endorsing it in your favor for negotiation in case the first thereof has not reached you, and I am much gratified to learn that Aunt Rachel is more cheerful than formerly, and I here take occasion to repeat that I shall not fail in my yearly draft for £50 Stg and that I shall hold to my determination to refund the monies that have been advanced
for her use by the Meeting as religiously as if it had been a debt created for myself as soon as I feel in a situation so to do, without having to take up the amount on interest, which I trust will be before a long time elapses.
I observe what you say relative to Father's birth day and age, and I assure you he bears his years nobly and I trust in God that he will still enjoy many of them, he and Nehemiah and myself weighed when I was on my visit to Ohio in 1833, Father as near as I recollect 201, Nehemiah 203 and myself 209 or 10 Ps, pretty well for an average family weight, of water drinkers, and the heaviest of the three on vegetable diet too.
A propos of births, I would feel obliged to you, if you could furnish me with the date of mine which I really have forgotten.
I did not lose any thing by the Fire at New York, but one of my Partners operating on his own account did to a considerable amount but not so much as to affect his fortune. I shall be pleased to hear that you are enjoying your own Cottage Home for it is as you very justly observe the most agreeable mode of living.
It is indeed a long period since you have corresponded
with Father, but you know that, he never liked letter writing, nor to say the truth, does his son James like it either, nevertheless he has been eight continuous hours at the desk this day, for he holds it an uncontrovertable fact that if we do nothing towards the pleasure of others in the world, but what we like considered in the abstract ourselves, we must indeed be considered as drones not fulfilling our share to the joint stock of happiness.
I have the pleasure of saying that I at present enjoy pretty good health to maintain which I live temperately.
Please to remember me affectionately to all friends & relations and believe
me Dear Aunt to remain
Always & Ever
Yr. Affectionate Nephew
James J Wright
P.S. I do not enclose the draft as stated herein, as I perceive by reference to its date, that the first thereof had not had time to reach you and I presume that it has got to hand in proper time, and it would
be doubling postage on you unnecessarily to enclose another, until I hear from you again. JJW
[answered 10th of 11 Mo 1836 -written in another hand]



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