James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, Sierra Maestra, District of Santiago de Cuba, to his Aunt Martha Wright, Dublin



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James Jenkinson


James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, Sierra Maestra, District of Santiago de Cuba, to his Aunt Martha Wright, Dublin


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright, Sophie Estate, Sierra Maestra, District of Santiago de Cuba, to his Aunt Martha Wright, Dublin


Sophie Estate Sierra Maestra
District of Santiago de Cuba
December 27, 1835
Dear Aunt Martha Wright,
I received some time ago your much esteemed letter of 10th of 4mo last past, and although it has remained without an earlier reply believe me that it has not originated in a lack of kind feeling towards you but from the continual pressure of occupation, you see I am fated to be always making my excuses to you, but I feel satisfied that they will be received in a good spirit.
I now enclose you another letter, as I did the last to be sealed before delivery to Aunt Rachel, you will observe that it contains my annual offering of £50 Stg say Fifty Pounds Sterling and I do most sincerely desire that it may contribute to her comfort and happiness. I observe that the amount advanced by the Society is British Currency, and I do not lose sight thereof, it shall before long have my attention unless my anticipations as to my circumstances prove far from true.
My dear Aunt it is at present entirely out of my power to leave this Island on a visit to you all, in the year 1833 you are aware that I visited the United States, on that trip I was absent hence about five months, and were I too state to you what I lost thereby or at least what I conceive to have lost , you would think that I was dealing in the marvellous but although I cannot visit you for some years I may as well say to you what I have many times reflected on, that I obliged to be the purchaser of Ballinclay our old Homestead but I must have patience thereabout. I enjoy very excellent health since I last had the pleasure with a prospect of a continuance thereof unless the Cholera which is travelling this way through our Island should reach us, I may say to you that I have many around me who desire my well doing, and I feel satisfied that the Slaves would suffer much themselves to relieve me. I am this instant writing with 4 or 5 Negro slave children of 10 & 12 years of age in my office and I have told them to march as I am too much occupied, but they don’t budge a foot but keep whispering at my very elbow.
I observe with pleasure all you say of remembrance from Unkle Nehemiah & Cousin Nathan Wright a[nd] John Knott and will thank you to remember me ki[indly] to them in return. I now answer Jonathan Wright’s letter by which I was much gratified in fac[t]. it is a great consolation to me to receive letters from any worthy member of our family. I have the satisfaction of being able to say to you [that] my last letter from Ohio assured me that Unkle William is managing well, and that since my visit he has never used stimulants inordinately, but has kept his promise to me most faithfully. I note what you say of Rail Roads & trade but really if the News Paper accounts of Poor Ireland be one half true, there is but little encouragement to industry and I cannot help grieving for her. I beg you to pay whatever charges of postage [?] put you to cut of proceeds of draft and sa[y] [to?] Aunt Rachel that such is my wish, but you needn’t mind what I may pay indeed I believe [that?] the Commercial House doesn’t even make a [charge?] of it against me, as I keep no Copies of friendly letters it is more than probable
that I may sometimes repeat myself for I have so many things to recollect that some are unavoidably forgotten. Do not omit writing and write long letters but don’t cross the lines double the postage over and over again in preference thereto, for I dare say my sight has failed much more than yours. I have written for many years with spectacles upon nose.
Believe me my Dear Aunt most affectionately
yr nephew
James J. Wright
P.S. I have to request you to present my best love to all enquiring relatives & friends.
answered 29th 3rd Mo 1836 [written in another hand]



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Sophie Estate, Santiago de Cuba
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