James J. Wright to Martha Wright, No. 7 Eustace Street, Dublin, Ireland



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James Jenkinson


James J. Wright to Martha Wright, No. 7 Eustace Street, Dublin, Ireland


Kerby A. Miller, Patricia Miller


James J. Wright to Martha Wright, No. 7 Eustace Street, Dublin, Ireland


Sophie Estate January 2 1835
My Dear Aunt,
Your very acceptable letter of 9th of July was longer than customary in getting to hand, but I must confess that it has nevertheless been with me for some time and ought to have been replied to before this but a constant press of business and all works much behind hand must plead my excuse, indeed you will have sometimes to defend me to yourself for an occasional delay by the consideration that I have the wants of 300 beings to attend to and their labours to direct, without losing sight at the same time of other affairs.
I presume you quitted your business after mature reflection and take it [for] granted that you have done for the best.
What Aunt Rachel received by direction of Mr Pike is truly a mite, and I now place under cover of the present letter for her enclosing a Sterling Bill for her use for £50 say Fifty pounds Stg which I trust will get safe to hand, and receipt of the present acknowledged by you to give me assurance thereof. I especially note the amount of £166.18.9. it is less than I calculated on, please to say what Currency? I do not at present liquidate it as I am somewhat behind in means, but I shall bear it ever in
mind and endeavour to pay it off perhaps in a couple of years and if prior to such settlement I should be called hence it will be found included in my testament. My trip to the United States cost me much, not altogether from actual outlay as in Crops etc etc here from negligence to Estate etc.
I certainly have been favoured by feeling no inclination to ardent spirits in fact my system forbids stimulus. I hope the best for Uncle William, but it is a vice unfortunately but seldom got over, however he must now find him self situated so as to have powerful motives to refrain.
I make this year but a very poor Crop not in fact sufficient to meet expenses incurred for Property but I have every prospect of a good one next year and if the price of the Article be maintained I cannot fail of soon being clear of all embarrassments. I have not enjoyed as good health latterly as I could wish, not however any thing dangerous but little physical ailments sufficient to torment and irritate. Give me all the news when you write and as I have already said let it be soon, for I beg you to bear in mind that, although I object to crossing lines, that I shall not do so in case of half a dozen sheets postage, in fact the heavier you make postage the better I shall be pleased, I now send you
a triple letter and you will oblige me by getting the postage paid by Aunt Rachel out of the draft sent forward, as postage comes heavier on you than it does on me, things of that nature are not viewed as close in this quarter of the World as in Ohio & Ireland, indeed it is very probable that the Merchants who returns my letters may not even charge me for them.
You will of course hand the enclosed to Aunt Rachel and aid her in having the draft forwarded for acceptance and payment and transmit me under cover of yours any letter or letters which she may address me.
I remain Dear Aunt
yr Affect Nephew
James J. Wright
P.S. I remember Thomas Knott well and recollect getting up a battle royal between him and his brother the prize held by me being a paper of Raisins to the conqueror. I repeat don’t think of postage. it never enters my mind unless brought before me. It is well to say that every thing appears to go on well in Ohio
yr JW
[envelope flaps]
[two lines crossed out]
this makes the ninth letter this day, and a continuance at the desk creates a dulness, however interested we may be, indeed it is only the excitement of writing that now keeps me afloat for both hand and mind would otherwise have given up yr. JW



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