The Archive

The 'Brendan Duddy Papers' were deposited in the NUI Galway Library in 2009 and catalogued between 2009 and 2011.

The core of the collection covers a period of twenty years (1972-1993) and relates to Brendan Duddy's agency in the peace process. The collection as a whole covers over thirty years (1968-2007) and includes his wider observations of the process. The papers consist of memoranda (including two diaries of 1975 and 1976), correspondence, and published items (press cuttings, pamphlets, reports, brochures).

As regards his personal involvement, the archives particualary reflect the period of 1974-1976, the period of the hungerstrikes of 1980 and 1981, and then the intense activity of 1993. After 1993, he served on the Northern Ireland Policing Board in 2006-2007. As regards Duddy's role as observer, there are press items and other publications in print on various issues regarding Northern Ireland, and interspersed in all sections, complementing the primary material.

Duddy's offer of observations and advice to the Republicans after 1993 are arranged chronologically and by name. His special interest in policing is served in an extra folder. The running commentary by Éamonn M. Downey provides some wider context, and also reflect Downey's own viewpoints and his wish to promote knowledge of Duddy's work. Interviews conducted with Brendan Duddy provide background and context for the archives, on selected topics.

The Brendan Duddy Papers have been digitised and are available in our Digital Archive. Some items are restricted and not available for consultation or only consultable in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room at NUI Galway Library.