Conflict outline

To align Duddy's involvement in the Northern Ireland conflict, the following timeline gives a brief overview of key events, which took place during the Northern Ireland conflict. The overview also refers to the content of the archive.

You can scroll through the timeline. To see the related items in deep zoom, you can click on the associated link below the timeline.

For detailed information of events during the Northern Ireland conflict, you can visit CAIN (Conflict Archive on the Internet), which gives a thorough chronology.

1968: Civil Rights Movement

1969: Battle of the Bogside

1972: Bloody Sunday

1975: Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention

1975/76: Secret Talks between the British government and the Republican Movement

1981: Hunger Strikes

1985: Anglo-Irish Agreement

1993: Downing Street Declaration 

1998: Good Friday Agreement

1999: Northern Ireland Policing