This Collection was supported by the President's Fund for research into the history of the University of Galway since its foundation in 1845. It contains over 350 images, ranging from the late nineteenth century to 1995. They relate to the University in diverse ways, illustrating its formal occasions, connections to the city of Galway and the region, the life stories of its students and staff, and its changing environment. The collection has been possible because of the generous response of retired staff, friends and relations, and alumni who loaned their photos and videos and shared their recollections. It highlights the importance of students' and staff's individual, and sometimes unexpected, perspectives in capturing the lived experience of university life. The images are from private collections and have not been publicly available until now. Together with the personal memories and research that accompany them, they contribute to the social and institutional history of a period of significant change in university education in Ireland.

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The Visual History Retired Staff Collection makes available images relating to the history of the University of Galway.

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