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Brigid Lyons

Known as

Brigid or Brighid, Lyons or Lyons Thornton


Brigid Lyons (13 May 1896-17 April 1987) was from Northyard, near Scramogue, Co. Longford. From 1915 to 1922 she studied medicine in Galway, where she helped to found a branch of Cumann na mBan. In 1916 she participated in the Easter Rising. After a brief period in the Army Medical Service she pursued a long and successful career in public health. She is buried near Foxford, beside her husband Captain Edward ('Ed') Thornton (d. 1947).


Brigid Lyons (13 May 1896-17 April 1987) was from near Scramogue, Co. Longford. Her father was a Fenian who had been jailed in the 1880s. Her mother's family were staunchly Republican, and she was the niece of Sinn Féin T.D. Joseph McGuinness. Having obtained a county scholarship, from 1915 to 1920 she studied medicine in Galway, where she helped to found a branch of Cumann na mBan. In 1916 she travelled to Dublin to take part in the Easter Rising, and was for a time incarcerated in Richmond Barracks. After her graduation she was the first woman to be commissioned in the Irish Army where she served for 2 years (1922-24) as a First Lieutenant in the Army Medical Service. She recounts that when she joined the Army the authorities were so unused to dealing with women recruits that they declined to provide a uniform for her and so she had to improvise her own. In 1926 she married Captain Edward ('Ed') Thornton, from Mayo, whom she met in Nice when recovering from tuberculosis. He too suffered from that disease and died relatively young (1947). Brigid continued to pursue a distinguished career in public health. In the 1950s she was involved in the introduction of the 'BCG' vaccination to protect against tuberculosis, and she also conducted research in Switzerland and Nice. When she died, aged 90, she was buried, with military honours, beside her husband in Toomore Cemetery, Foxford, Co. Mayo.


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