Ó CÉIDIGH, Pádraig



Ó CÉIDIGH, Pádraig
KEADY, Patrick



birth name

Patrick Keady

Known as

Paddy Keady, Pádraig Ó Céidigh


Pádraig Ó Céidigh (14 July 1933 - 29 October 2008) was Professor of Zoology in UCG/NUI Galway. He was responsible for the establishment of a field station at Crumpaun, Carna and, over several decades, its development into a modern research facility. 'Larger than life, he was an inspirational teacher and very popular with students' ('Defender of fishermen').


Having been awarded a PhD by the NUI in 1960 for a thesis on 'Seasonal Variation in the Decapod Larvae of Kilkieran Bay, Co Galway', while working as an Assistant in Natural History in UCG, he went on to be appointed Professor of Zoology and, with several colleagues, successfully built up the Department's reputation for research in marine zoology.
The story is told of how, shortly before he died, his old friend Martin Ryan visited him at Kilkieran, and heard from him that his greatest wish was the establishment of a dedicated research centre. The upshot was the generous funding granted by Tony Ryan that enabled the creation of the Ryan Research Institute (Uí Chionna, 2019). Initially concentrated on marine research the Institute has grown into a highly interdisciplinary research body covering four thematic areas: Marine & Coastal; Energy & Climate Change; Agriculture & BioEconomy; and Environment & Health. In 2023 it comprises 89 Research Groups and 12 Research Centres/Clusters.
Pádraig Ó Céidigh was committed to the Irish language, and was also keenly interested in French and Italian.


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Key Words

Marine Biology; Fishing; Aquaculture; Carna; Field station; Ryan Institute




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