The Digital Memoirs

NUI Galway Library have embarked on a project that enables you to explore Michael Maurice O’Shaughnessy’s archive through his own distinctive voice. Taking three O’Shaughnessy memoirs, we have developed an interface that allows you to read the memoir and which prompts you to discover selected items from the digital archive that offer context for that particular story from his life.

View the memoirs

There are two ways of navigating the memoirs. You can browse page by page. Or you can use the timeline bar along the top of the page which provides an overview of memoir's content (like chapters of a book). 


Selected words are highlighted throughout the memoirs. When selected, they open a related item from the digital archive. You are also given the option to view them in the context of the digital archive.

This work follows the specifications of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), with a new and innovative timeline navigation application. The IIIF suite of specifications facilitates interoperability between applications that serve, display, and manipulate images. IIIF helps further sharing of images between cultural heritage institutions who provide access to complementary digital resources.